Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to print a photobook?

Actual delivery time may vary depending on the destination. Typically you should allow 3 to 5 working days for delivery or you may choose to collect your book from us when its ready.

Can I track my delivery?

You can view when we have despatched your photo book by loging in to My Account. My account  button is located on the top menu bar, under "Getting Started" Here you will see the Australian Express Post tracking number, you may view the status of your delivery at http://www.auspost.com.au/track/ any time after 6pm WST .

Shipping multiple books?

I am about ready to purchase three separate and unique books but want to know if I am going to have to pay for three separate shipping charges. On checkout select your postage charge for your first book, providing you are placing your additional books at the same time select pick up from our factory this will apply a zero cost to the additional books. Email or call us that you have three books to be shipped together.

How long does it take to upload a file through the Internet?

The uploading process can take between 10 to 90 minutes depending on the overall size of your file and your connection speed.

What forms of payment does PhotobooksWA accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard, for secure transactions.

Can I make changes after placing orders?

No, changes cannot be made after your order has been submitted and accepted. Once your files have been uploaded to the production centre, production of your book cannot be stopped. Please, carefully review all of the pages of your book prior to submitting your order.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order has been processed, it cannot be cancelled.

How will you ship my order?

Your photobook will be delivered via Australia Express Post directly to your door-step. Delivery days are Monday to Friday.

How can I re-order additional copies of my book?

You can order 1 to 5 books when checking out. Having the ability to order multiple books when checking out also saves money. Multiple book orders have been discounted and have a special postage rate available, also saving you money. It makes sense to order in multiples! You can always re-order if you need more copies later.

Can I have any number of pages in any book style?

All our photo books come with a standard minimum of 20 pages, and a maximum of 120 pages.

What is the difference between pages and sides?

A spread of a book has 2 pages or 2 sides. 20 pages will consist of 10 pieces of double-sided leaves.

How do I make a photo book

PhotobooksWA provides you with FREE photo-editing software that you can download from our website. This software allows you to select a photo book size, attach your digital pictures into the pages of the book, and add in backgrounds, special effects, text and captions to complete your design. When your book is completed, with a click of a button, the software will send the order to us via the Internet.

How does the Fast Track option work?

When you click on FastTrack, you will be asked to select the type of book you like and select all the pictures that you want to use. We also have various themes that you can choose from. The software has an intelligent tool to quickly arrange your pictures in a professional layout for you. Further changes and adjustments can then be made with the addition of more pictures, backgrounds or text. Your design can be ready in less than minutes.

Can I adjust the frames in a page?

Yes. All the picture frames are readily created for your convenience. Frames can be removed or added, and their sizes and shapes can be edited. They are fixed in the width:height ratio by default. However, you can enlarge the frame by selecting it and drag on any of the anchor points at the corners. The width or the height will be enlarged or reduced accordingly.

Can I use a picture as a background?

Yes! You can creatively use a picture as a background by dragging the picture to the background area. Alternatively, you can have the picture as a solid background and insert a smaller sized picture as a semi-transparent foreground by adjusting the transparency value for each. Use your right mouse button to bring up the dialog box for background options.

How many images can I place on each page/side?

As many as you wish.

Is my content secure and/or private?

Your personal data, including the digital pictures you voluntarily provide, will be used only for the purpose for which you have provided them, and they will not be shared or disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Do your hardcover book covers come in other colours?

Yes. We currently offer three different colour book covers. They are Black, Pearl White, Aluminium and custom printed covers.

How do I select my cover colour?

You select your cover colour when checking out. "Checking out instructions"

My photos appear darker than what I see on my monitor!?


Why don’t I have very many different fonts to choose from?


Can I change the book dimension

Is it possible to change the book size when the photo book is finished already? It is not yet uploaded. My book is now ‘A5 standard landscape’ but I would like it to be ‘A4 large landscape’

Yes! Change Book Size

MAC users - "view pages" and to "view cover" - I cannot view either.

Find another PDF on your machine and then right click or ctrl+click on it and choose get info.  Under the opens with section choose preview and then choose change all.  Then try the preview again.

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