Terms & Conditions

    1. Order acceptance

      1. All orders are accepted and handled in accordance with the conditions below.
      2. The customer accepts these conditions by using the software.
      3. After completing the order, we will store the file provided by you on the server for 3-4 weeks after which time it will be deleted.
    2. Copyright

      1. You are solely responsible for the contents of the file you submit and in obeying the laws of Australia.
      2. does not accept responsibility for the contents of the file you submit.
      3. In producing the photo product on your behalf, assumes that the copyright in the file and all photographs is held by you. You are solely responsible for unauthorised use of copyright material.
      4. When ordering and in distributing your printed photo products you shall strictly observe the laws of Australia or the country to which the product is being distributed.
    3. Liability

      1. shall not accept liability for damage or loss of the files.
      2. emphasises that the quality of the prints in the albums ordered will never be better than is to be expected on the basis of you see on your computer monitor when using my photo book software  creator. Take care in proofing and previewing your photo product and carefully check your spelling.
      3.'s liability is limited to errors which are related to production, shipping and delivery of the product.
    4. Delivery time

      1. Our service level is to complete an order within seven working days and we dispatch by Australian Air Express next business day service or Australia Post depending on product selected.
      2. If delivery cannot be made, a card will be left explaining how you can receive delivery or pick-up the product at your local post office (make sure you take ID with you).
      3. Delayed delivery is not a basis for cancellation of the order or a request for compensation.
    5. Guarantee

      1. If the product is faulty,ís liability is limited to resupplying the ordered materials again.

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